Of course you know what this is. This is February and it’s time to kick off this Blog’s Summer in Winter Festival. If you are of the widely-held but wrong opinion that February is the leastest and lackingest and lowliest among the fellowship of months, I invite you to the Festival. Summer in Winter is my name for late winter when the sun regains some real punch.

While you sit there clumped in your tattered sweater in your grime-tinged easy-chair hunkered and gloomy and fed up to here with the winter weather (especially this year!), well let me just shake you right outta that! We all know there is nothing more appealing when you’re in a well-entrenched foul frame of mind than an uninvited, inexplicably antic person poking you and slapping you about the head playfully telling you to to cheer up! I’m here to be that person for you today!

But I won’t go to all those lengths, because unlike Santa, I can’t visit you all personally in one day. But like Santa, I CAN see that settled frown on your face, and here’s what I have for YOU! All this month long, whenever the sun is out, look up and look down. Look up to see the sun climb higher and higher in the sky, but don’t look at it directly for more than one-half second or it will burn holes in your eyeballs and you won’t be able to do the second part! The second part is look down, preferably at a clump of blasted vegetation or, if snowbound, the south-side base of a tree-trunk. Notice the high sharpened shadows, and the unmistakable new strength of the rays, as it eats through the snow or starts working its way into the soil, where last summer has gone into hiding and is waiting to be reborn as a new one. Look, and appreciate. Then do a little February dance with me.