Hey gang! You know those funny climate jokes you’ve been enjoying for the last couple wasted decades?! Here’s another! California is suffering a crushing drought! Ha ha! If this is Global Warming, we’ll take it!

Yes, as you may have noticed I am thoroughly embittered about climate change jokes. I’ve been enduring them with clenched teeth forever, and have discovered again and again that it’s pointless to try arguing with them. Hey, man, it’s only a joke! Where’s your sense of humor anyway? Well mine has drifted off into the future, thinking about climate events like this drought, and, I don’t know, it just didn’t seem very funny to me. There are really only two types of humor. Attack humor and reassurance humor. Climate jokes have served as a very thoughtless way for under informed people to reassure each other that there’s really nothing to worry about.  Don’t agree? Well, then here’s your chance to explain the joke!

Tell me how this drought is funny. Tell me how even if THIS PARTICULAR drought isn’t related to climate change, that the ones which will be are funny. Tell how brushing off the subject with cheesy humor brushes away the facts, or brushes away the costs that are beginning to come due, or brushes away our responsibility, as history’s highest per-capita emitters, to take substantial action. Yes, it’s a well-known fact that explaining a joke kills off the humor. I guess that’s my hope.