Viruses don’t need to live forever, they just need to replicate. They know they don’t have a long-term future in any one body, they just need to keep jumping from victim to victim.

Obamacare can’t seem to keep up with the ever-mutating virus of misinformation about it. Luckily the virus in this case has turned out to be nothing more than a profound nuisance, but still. We are in the late stages of the infection, the funny symptoms stage. Snorting, blowing, wheezing, spluttering. What is the virus’s  DNA in this instance? I can boil it down to four words. “Obamacare is a disaster.”

This is, and has been from the beginning, an assertion in search of evidence, like a virus hunting for a host. No, it is a CONVICTION in search of evidence. How do we know this? Because the asserters began asserting it before they had read the bill, which they charged as being too long to read anyway. And when pressed to explain the ‘disaster’ part, their answers have been a kaleidoscope of shape-shifting, and one after another their assertions have proven wrong. Only to change yet again.

The latest is the impressively swift and hysterical misinterpretation of the recent CBO study about Obamacare’s impact on jobs. The virus this time somehow passingly infected some reputable (ahem) news organizations, before the antibodies of accuracy caught up with it. It soon enough fizzled out. But has again, no doubt, just shaped-shifted again and moved on to another place.

We can hope that repeated exposure builds immunity in the body politic. But we should also keep in mind that viruses, occasionally, prove fatal.