The die has been cast and it comes up: Impeach the President. No other option at this point I’d say. Bluff-calling time.

It’s been an education watching the deterioration of public discourse into a morass of illogic and unintelligibility. But late last week the GOP finally stumbled into some clarity. In what has to be some kind of first (although political firsts are close to impossible) John Boehner came up with a doozler. He moved his mouth around and sounds came out of it that were reported as the tearful one saying the Immigration Bill is in trouble because Obama can’t be trusted to enforce the laws. As George Will might say: “Well.”

Enforcing the laws is just about the job description of an American president. And while the right is always flirting around the edges with hints and murmurings that the president is un-American in some way or other, I believe this is the first time that the US Speaker of the House of Representatives has issued an official policy position that claims the legislature cannot enact legislation because the executive does not enforce laws. This would mean of course, that the American System of Government is functionally ended because of out and out executive subversion. If Boehner and the GOP really believe what they are asserting here, they have absolutely no choice other than impeachment. Let’s get on with it.