I remember the first time I heard the term ‘fiduciary responsibility.’ I remember thinking, “Oh, this is one of those times.” One of which times? One of those times when someone pulls out a conversation-ender.

‘Fiduciary responsibility’ means that corporations are not ALLOWED to be anything other than rapacious. They are legally obligated to their shareholders to grind down the wages of their employees to the smallest possible nub and transfer these sums to upper management. They must flee their communities if greener pastures are sighted. Environmental costs must be ‘externalized’ to others when possible and any ‘good deeds’ must have the mighty corporate jowls shaken at them sternly. It’s the LAW. End of discussion.

Well I’d like to continue the discussion anyway, because I don’t like this conclusion. I don’t like it and I don’t take it as inevitable. It’s just the way things happen to be arranged now, so conveniently for the wealthy few. I think there are other models.

And HERE IS ONE! It is viable? Is it desirable? We’ll find out, but thte important thing is IT’S A DIFFERENT MODEL. The better, future society of New Arcadia that we are advocating around here will be needing some different models. Of course there are those who say that without the motive of Extraordinary Profits made and kept, no one can deliver a decent product or viable business. This might be true. I will think that over as I sit here eating my salad with Newman’s dressing on it.