Obamacare somehow became Moby Dick to the Republican Party, and with a similar result. The narrative has taken many turns, but the pattern of the storyline is now clear.

The GOP saw Universal Care as something they inexplicably were against. And when Obama turned out to be for it and planned to enact it, well that did it. Being as it was that their overall strategy was to oppose him on everything, well of course that had to oppose the ACA. This fight, unsurprisingly, involved human nature, so the GOP decided that not only were they against it, but that it was evility itself. And since it was evil, they would HAVE to kill it, and then kill it some more. And if they didn’t kill it, then it would fail. And since it would be killed or fail and was evil, everyone would hate it. This was quite the tangled ball of a strategy.

Their first Clever Move was to rename ACA as Obamacare. I guess they assumed that since everybody must hate Obama as much as they did, this was intrinsically an epithet. Not so much. At worst it was a neutral-sounding descriptor, that the president himself was happy to use. Grrrrrr! But whatever. Since it was pre-defined as a Disaster, they knew eventually it would be Obama=Disaster. Aiding in this linguistic wrestling match was the hope that ANY healthcare insurance problem anywhere of any kind would get lumped in with Obamacare, as in healthcare=Obamacare, and he would take the brunt.

But now, in one of history’s countless little ironies, as Obamacare works its way into the national healthcare system, and it turns out not to be a disaster, and turns out to help more and more people, that maybe now people actually WILL start thinking that all healthcare is in fact Obamacare, and Obama will be rmembered as the president who provided all Americans with all of their healthcare, and Obama will have the GOP to thank for that.