Do you remember when you learned how humans clubbed the Dodo bird into extinction? What did you think? I know what you thought, because it’s the only possible reaction. First, you thought “That’s too bad that they did that.” Then you thought, “I wouldn’t have done that. There was no need to kill them all. Nothing was gained by extermination. I would have been wiser.”

Nice thoughts. Except as you got older you forgot about the Dodo, and your resolve not to be part of the Driving Species Into Extinction problem. We all did. Then one day we look down in horror and ask “HOW DID THIS BLOODY CLUB GET IN MY HAND??” What club? This one.

So much for being wiser. The only thing we’ve learned is how to move up from clubs to vastly more powerful methods, so now we can exterminate not just ONE species, but ALL OF THEM. Okay, not all. WE will still be here, for a while longer anyway, King of the Planet. The new, last Dodo.