I guess people like myths stories, which sounds redundant to me. In any case, here’s yet another! Five myths about myths, and the stories debunking them.

1)      The myths are real. Obviously myths aren’t real or they wouldn’t be myths. But often they aren’t even real myths. A myth-debunker has a fact and says people believe the opposite so they can be ‘corrected.’

2)      The myths AREN’T real. Sometimes the ‘correction’ to the myth is just a point of view that isn’t that much more provable than the myth.

3)      The myths are pertinent. Sometimes these myths that are about to be bullet-ridden are really unimportant side issues of no real consequence.

4)      You can correct the myths. People are impervious to real facts, and actually PREFER myths, as our political system proves every day.

5)      There are five. Sometimes one is just there to fill out the roster.

All clear? Tomorrow: Five ways today’s myths blog post was wrong.