Sometimes you read up on the situation and just have to blink several times at what you’re seeing. 2+2=74 and a half divided by 2000.

Okay. The first half of this equation. The GOP is coming apart at the seams. It is radically split between one half which is in a death grip of completely obsolete and increasingly unpopular social beliefs, and another half of plutocrats who everybody now either suspects of mass robbery or just is sick of their preening self-congratulation. Quite a package!

And THEN you read that the GOP is wonderfully poised to reap BIG VICTORIES in this year’s Congressional elections! Want more?

Here’s more! People are absolutely sick to death of Washington gridlock and paralysis and pointless uncooperativeness. And yet! What are we about to do? MAKE IT WORSE! Yay team!

Yes, there are ‘explanations.’ Rigged district boundaries, liberal clustering in cities,  gulleywashers of money in politics, and of course the preposterously unrepresentative 2-senators-per-state ‘Great Compromise’ of Democracy.

We’ve endured this Frankenstein of mismatched parts for quite a while, almost long enough that it seems normal. But now up is down and backwards is forwards and unpopular wins. And we’re caught in a governing hammerlock as a result. I for the life of me don’t see the logic to continuing with it. It’s not delivering democracy, it’s not delivering a functioning government, it’s not getting us into the 21st century and it’s not delivering what Americans want. There are other ways to count votes that gets you a lot closer to one voter=one vote. I think if you want to export a product, in this case our democracy, you better have a good product to sell.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. But man is it broken.