Yes, the polar vortex is rumored to be wandering down here again this week. Where is all this cold coming from if the planet is getting warmer? Here’s where. Same thing that would happen if you shoveled all the snow from your yard into your living room. Your house would get colder, for a while, and you’d have less snow outside, where it belongs. Is this in fact what’s happening? You decide.

The short answer to all this is we now have enough CO2 in the atmosphere already that things are starting to go haywire. Adapt? Oh that will be fun. I know, let’s build an irrigation pipe from here where’s there’s water to there where there isn’t as much as there used to be, except every year those locations change, so the future will be endless pipe-building, chasing the water and the dry spots around like an irritated person chasing an unswatable fly with a rolled-up magazine. That will work, I bet.

We are now here, where anybody paying attention knew we were heading, and it’s just chaos. Conservatives have been in denial, over there in the corner with their arms around their knees, rocking back and forth and muttering something about free markets. What was it again? Oh yeah, that the thing free markets hate more than anything is “UNCERTAINTY!”

Well, what do you know about that? Recent conservative doctrine delivering exactly the opposite of what it claimed it wanted. That this is what they deliver is about the only certainty left.