The strange quiet your hear is not the magic wintry effect of snow absorbing reflected sound. It is the quiet of the GOP preparing for elections by muffling its crazy behavior in Washington to appear reasonable to those of short memory (American voters).

Why, it’s been many MONTHS since the GOP seriously threatened to put the economy through a meatgrinder to punish Obama for being president. The meat is scarce at the red-meat counter, Ted Nugent and a few other loose parts notwithstanding. Theatrical-grade assaults on the poor and the unemployed and the sick have gone to ground, hidden ‘neath the breast of new-fallen snow-job. It might almost pass as being reasonable, if only it were!

But it may pass, unlike any actual legislation. What we have now is the POLITE version of no-government, where nothing is shouted and nothing gets done. They hope to be rewarded for this at the polls, and may succeed. Then they will claim a new mandate for a return to their Tasmanian Devil assault on the institution they will have been elected to serve. Can’t wait.