Another crazy threat to the progress toward full gay equality popped up on the radar screen recently in Arizona, and now has gone away. Why did it go away so fast? This question is getting easier and easier to answer. And the answers just get more and more numerous.

The reason this threat failed is a pretty decisive indicator that this kind of state law won’t be popping up too frequently in the future. BUSINESS OPPOSED IT. This made it breezy-easy for Governor Brewer to veto the vindictiveness that tried to masquerade as virtue. One hesitates to applaud the need to have business interests uphold human rights concerns, because they so often don’t, but if it wasn’t business this time it would have been something else. Courts are starting to recognize the inescapable obvious too, now that we’ve had enough time to process the DISCOVERY that gay people, formerly harassed or terrorized into hiding, are, drum roll….just like everybody else!

Historians will place the watershed moment on gay rights at different points. I’ll tell you where I place it. It was the moment just after the first open marriages of gays. Everybody was watching to see what this strange new circumstance looked like. And surprise. It looked like love. Something everyone recognized.