Science simply refuses to deliver on the one thing Americans truly want from Science Fiction: The Flying Car. Actually two things. The Flying Car, and rapid Space Travel to Earthlike Planets. Today I will stick to the Flying Car.

The Flying Car will never happen, ever. Why not? Not because you can’t build a car-shaped vehicle that will fly. In that sense it’s already been done. The reason you won’t have a flying car in your garage is simple. It’s all the things AROUND a flying car that make it impractical. You either need wings or jets. Wings means you need a runway, at both ends of the trip. Jets mean you will blast pedestrians into oblivion when you fly over them to land. Plus the jets thing requires a preposterous amount of fuel due to our Strong Gravity. Maybe they’ll work for you when you Space Travel to an Earthlike Planet but with less gravity. Send me a postcard.

BUT! On the plus side of Science Fiction becomes Science Fact is the other futuristic car that WILL be coming your way. By itself! That’s right! The Robot Car, mentioned here as part of The New Machine Age.

What else will be coming? Everything. This report cites several factors for the now-in-progress technological revolution, but it could have stopped at #1. Moore’s Law. You don’t have to be as smart as Deep Blue to understand the mushrooming effects of Doubling. Just go find and re-read the story about the guy who asked for wheat grains to double on each successive square on a chessboard. Doubling will get us everything, including New Arcadia. (Everything, that is, except a Flying Car).