This is a rant about something that has bothered me forever, but unlike most things in that category, it is getting better! Let me ‘walk’ you through it.

The US Americans did a strange thing in the 20th Century. They sacrificed all the good things in the world for a ride. Good health, vibrant cities, forests and meadows, and peace of mind all got struck down and dragged to near-oblivion by our automobile obsession. But at last we have detached ourselves from the fender and crawled to the curb to collect ourselves.

Yes getting around outside of a car is still considered a bit of an exotic enterprise, but the tide has turned on this and we can hope it will be running (or at least walking) in its current direction long enough to restore some health and grace and beauty to American Life.

Walking in fact can be a quite practical means of going somewhere, if you recalibrate your expectations, and maybe throw in some public transportation. But I don’t want to focus on the practicality of walking. I want to tell you about how it will fix your brain. Got a worry? Worried all the time? Forget medications. Go for a walk. A lonnnnng walk. Even if it’s to nowhere in particular. If you haven’t done this, you may not know how it can settle and sort out your thinking and feelings. If you go up a hill you might even get a bit of a view and the perspective that goes with that. Just saying. Also saying for crying out loud leave your devices at home.