Sometimes life is just guesswork. Everybody is always talking about studies, but studies show that what studies show isn’t reliable. I think we have finally put to rest that business about drinking eight glasses of water a day. I never did that and never even attempted to do it and didn’t believe it for a minute anyway. People were always saying it, but nobody could produce even a bogus study to support the concept. My own uninformed opinion was that millions of years of evolution had more or less matched up thirst and optimum water intake. And now suddenly that’s the new conventional wisdom.

The weather was nice this past weekend and I was out looking for some gardening to do. There wasn’t much. About the only thing I could find to do was rake leaves back into the garden beds. This also conflicts with some conventional advice, but I do it anyway. If you rake leaves into garden beds, you will do it a lot, because no sooner are the leaves in the beds than birds fling them back out looking for bugs. I’m happy that I’m giving the birds (and me) something to do. But books say don’t leave leaves on the beds, because of ‘disease’. I’m just skeptical about that. Who went into the primeval forest and raked out the leaves so there wouldn’t be disease in the forest? I think the leaves rot and make topsoil , and bugs for the birds to eat.

And ANOTHER bit of advice I don’t believe: They say never water your garden lightly, it will hurt the plants more than help them. Always water deep. This one has some logic to it because deep watering in a dry spell provides a lot more water which is better! But light watering will HURT the plants? Here’s the defect in that thought. Have you ever heard, from even an educated gardener, an expression of alarm when it rains lightly? No. Millions of years of evolution have allowed plants to endure light rain without being ‘hurt.’

Millions of years of evolution have also adapted us to survive perpetual confusion. None of this gets us anywhere, but I do like the title, Eight Glasses of Rain.