How do you write a Blog Post that nobody will read? I explore that terrain every day. I take as my guiding star the idea that there is a market for quirky quasi-candor in the service of my own conception of the Greater Good. This is not an evidence-based approach to say the least, but it got me a career as a cartoonist, for crying out loud, so what the heck.

But I intend to Push the Envelope today, and drive still more readers fleeing by linking to an ARTICLE that nobody will want to read either.  This article is a good example of what is Wrong With Everything. It is an example of that not because of what it gets right or wrong, but by being an example The Kind of Thing We WOULD Read if our public discourse were not completely busted, but DON’T read because it is. It raises great questions that happen to grate on comfortable positions of everyone, including me. What we seek instead is a faster-food version of debate which we have come to grow fat upon.

I’m not going to pick Lind’s thesis apart, because you stopped reading a while ago. I’m just typing for myself now, because text blocks of a certain length appeal to my eye on the screen, and I am working here to achieve that modest goal. But since I need one more sentence I will say he is wrong to imply that discussing Climate is  some kind of zero-sum trade-off with discussing Economics, because Climate cannot, simply cannot be ignored, as the clock of Permanent Damage is ticking on that one, I say to nobody in particular.