What is a Mugzy? I’m sure the internet has an array of meanings, I’m not going to look at those. For me it’s a personal expression meaning one particular thing, and I’ll share that with you because i don’t know of an equivalent word that is actually in the dictionary.

Mugzy was a dog. I’m quite sure Mugzy is no longer with us, but his face has stayed with me. Mugzy was not the world’s smartest dog. He was a neighbor dog who would occasionally stop over. There is a range of responses you get when you talk to a dog. Some dogs seem to understand every word you say and are happy to oblige your requests. Others know full well what what you want, but have an agenda of their own, thank you very much. Others are too busy to bother looking at you and are racing around doing their wild thing. And then there was Mugzy.

Mugzy would stare at you like he wanted to receive some communication. But Mugzy was not capable of receiving communication. He would stare and stare, but it was clear and uncanny how he understood neither word nor intent nor gesture. A Mugzy is what I call that look he would give me.

And have you ever encountered that look? No doubt you have. But there is afoot in the land a MegaMugzy going on. It happens when we look at things like this.

We have been encountering this type of warning for decades now, and all we can muster is a big ol’ Mugzy. Even in this story we are treated to a quote asserting that the “risks are overblown when compared with something like poverty,” missing the obvious, obvious point that poverty can be magnified by orders of magnitude by severe climate disruption. Mugzy. I can still see his face. Everywhere.