We now have several methods of voting. Mark your ballot by Rolling your Boulder into Proper Canyon. Or Toss your Scottish Caber into Well of Your Choice. Or Bust a Bronco into the Respective Stall.. We regard voting as a precious tradition, so we are determined to honor tradition by making casting a ballot as archaic and difficult as we possibly can.

This is YET ANOTHER bizarre aspect of American Politic Life that we are expected to observe in dumbfounded silence. If you want a sane 21st Century approach to, um, counting up which citizens prefer which candidates, well then you can vote with your feet and move to some other country because you won’t find it here. Here you will find nothing but a hallucinatory ‘discussion’ of virtually non-existent voter fraud that must be checked by rules that have all the subtlety and sophistication of a castle moat.

And of course, our good old intellectual dishonesty merges seamlessly with non-sequitur. Given enough hand-waving about ‘voter-fraud’ and you might not even notice that simple ease-of-voting is being swept into the dustbin at the same time. Why do we allow this? Seriously. What would JOB ONE in a democracy be if people really believed in democracy? It would be making voting as universal and easy as American apple pie. But we have other ideas about elections in this country. Supreme Court ideas about how to make it easier to buy them.