The Supreme Court is turning the electoral process over to the rich. We’ll pause until the conservative hysteria about unelected judges overturning duly passed laws subsides. Over already? That was quick!

Participants in public debate resemble the demoralized and defeated (like they are) so we will lie on our backs and try to muster some set of reasons that there is still hope for American Democracy, Here’s one! Why, a rich Republican donor is using HIS money to get the GOP to be less homophobic? See? Money! It’s all good!

Except, no. First of all, let’s remember, money can’t buy you love, straight OR gay. Haha, just a joke there. Money CAN indeed buy you love, if ‘love’ is defined as ‘power.’ But there is the question of price. It’s a marketplace out there and there are other bidders. Mr. Singer has put up some significant money, but enough? But even that is not the real problem. The gay question will eventually get solved for the better for the exact reason that Mr. Singer is reported to be supporting it. He has a gay son. Everybody will eventually discover they have a family member somewhere who is gay. Therein lies the solution to that, but the problem for other things.

Because rich people will not have the same incentive to address OTHER social ills. A rich parent, for example is not going to be faced with the dilemma of a having a poor child, unless he chooses to, of course. Or a child who is a minority, unless, again, he chooses to. Or live in a polluted neighborhood. Or have to deal with climate consequences, unless he chooses to live in a fire or tornado zone.  So much for exhibit A

And exhibit B? For an even more pathetic attempt to wave away the problem of money in politics, we have former liberal hero (WAY former) Michael Kinsley saying elsewhere in the same edition of the Post that the solution to money in politics is to have a different ‘culture’ where spending money in politics isn’t rewarded. Thanks, Mike! How about we also wish for a different economic culture where money spent on advertising isn’t rewarded? Can’t wait!