I blew out my ranting gasket yesterday. Only so much vituperation in a person. It is Spring. The air is warm, and soft. And green is returning to the landscape. Green is nobody’s favorite color. It is mine, though. It didn’t used to be. But I was reading a kid’s book one day and some mommy animal was telling her baby animal, “Green is good for the eyes.” She was talking about leaves. And by eyes, she was clearly talking about ‘spirit.’ This didn’t change my opinion right away, but the more I thought about, the more right it seemed. I’m a convert.

Aside from the return of bright, longer days, which are immeasurably valuable to me, and the return of greenery, days in the 60-something degree range after a cold winter make me feel like it’s all going to be all right, for a while anyway. It’s like the difference between thinking about problems in the middle of the night and thinking about them at happy hour.

Anyway, there is fresh spring air to breathe, a small garden to tend, music to play, a new project to work on (check out my Facebook page if you are curious about that), a weekend, friends, family, and singing birds. And bourbon, in moderation! A good line-up!