“The wisdom to know the difference.”  I often don’t have it. You know the expression: Have the courage to change what you can, the serenity to accept what you can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference. Quite the clever caveat at the end there. Kind of like: Buy stocks that will go up, sell ones that will go down, and know which is which. Okay!

Now they are saying that the GOP may or will win the Senate. Variious reasons. Vulnerable Democrats. Sixth year of a presidential term. Voter intensity. Voters punishing Democrats because Obamacare is a huge failure even if it is in fact a huge success. Perceptions matter!

Perceptions apparently matter more than the Senate. There is a LOT written about perceptions of Obamacare. There is less written about what the world will be like if the GOP wins the Senate. The idea that voters will elect a Senate controlled by THIS incarnation of the GOP just makes me cross-eyed. And crossed eyes affect my perception, and remember, perception matters. What will a GOP Senate do? Aside from nothing?

It will spend the next two years pretending to try to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare, one of the largest and longest games of GOP political charades in US history. TWO MORE YEARS OF IT. It won’t be repealed, because Obama will be in office to veto a repeal. It will just be two more years of the US government working against itself to make sure that health insurance remains as dysfunctional as is politically feasible. Two more years of that. (Don’t even ask about the ridiculous ‘replace’ part of repeal and replace).

What ELSE might a GOP Senate not do? It won’t allow Obama to appoint any Supreme Court nominees, if an opening should arise. I usually don’t bet on what politicians might do, but I’d bet on that.

The issue of court appointments has never moved voters and likely won’t this time either. And does it matter? Oh, I don’t know. Are you good with the Court’s ‘philosophy’ that Money is Speech and their new improved Get Out of Money’s Way? It’s only the future of American democracy, is all. What’s your ‘perception’ on that?