The less said about Cliven Bundy the better. But too late for that. The lessons drawn from a story like this will always be wrong ones. Except abject cynicism, and that’s a lesson we struggle not to learn.

This is the kind of story I pray I will be able to ignore, but as they say, some prayers go unanswered. It was clearly a manufactured story, or cause, or controversy or whatever, another scarlet efflorescence in the ongoing Fox News Fever Dream. Fever Dreams don’t end badly, they never end. They are an ongoing loop of strange unpleasant nonsense that make you feel trapped and despairing.

I won’t hold it against conservatives that their new hero turned out to be a remainder-bin-grade monster in his racial views. Was I surprised? Hardly. But I have to say the frequent reaction of “Of course we knew,” is a bit facile, and dangerous. You never know who is going to have a secret shrine to some horror, hidden in their bedroom closet. Reports had it that the quiet man I grew up across the street from had a special Hitler display in his cellar. Who knew? But equally, you never know who is going to turn out to be a secret hero, either.

But I still want to know why anybody ever flocked to Cliven Bundy, even pre-slavery-reverie, when he said he didn’t recognize the federal government. Is THIS the right’s not-so-secret shrine? Sounds like that would make for a fine debate. Let’s leave Mr. Bundy aside on his own petard, and have that debate! We’re about to hold another election. That would be a good time. Maybe one side doesn’t believe in the existence of the offices they are running for.