It looks like we won’t be moving on to the next stage of political progress in the U.S. this election cycle either. Like this past winter that just wouldn’t quit, we are doomed to yet another cycle of the exact same issues and exact same attitudes playing out exactly the same way one more time. Another blast of chill. Blossoms delayed, again.

It is frustrating in exactly the same way. If you knew winter would NEVER end, you’d settle in and accept it. But you know spring is on the way, which makes tolerating the same old just excruciating. The ideological deep-freeze we’ve been in will end someday too. They all do. The forces of economics keep moving, and culture, and generations. The relentless determination of a essentially reactionary brand of conservatism will give way eventually, through mortality if nothing else. But rather than dying right now, we get a death grip instead.

But meanwhile we can’t even have what passes for ‘debate.’ The GOP hasn’t changed its position on any of its measurably unpopular positions. They’ve just shut up about them and gone to ground, betting the American public will forget how they want to shut down the windpipe of government in America. Until they get re-elected one more time and resume shutting it down, one more time. It’s a good bet they are making. Then they can proceed with their plan to institutionalize their icy grasp, through tax policy, campaign money, and Supreme Court appointments.

Can anything be done to stop them? You tell me. Progressives aren’t ‘motivated’. They can’t be bothered to vote in non-presidential ‘little’ elections, like, you know , for the national legislature, the part of government that ‘writes the laws’. The winter of reactionary conservatism, on the other hand, is relentless. Enjoy the snow.