Fox News. What can you say about it that hasn’t been said? That’s it’s not a News Organization, it’s a Disease? Has that been said yet? Probably. If it is a disease, it is pretty antibiotic resistant. Just look at this.

You can read it if you want, but looking at the picture is almost enough. Bright-eyed well-dressed people sitting pertly on their nice couch pretending. Pretending to be serious. Pretending to care about something other than their careers. And in effect, lying, lying, lying. Inviting a guest onto the show, to ask him his opinion, and then telling him they don’t want to hear his opinion. They want to hear him say OTHER things! Things that THEY want to hear! And look! Don’t they seem INTERESTED in the OTHER things? Fascinated, really!

Back to the title of this post. If I close my eyes, can you see I’m an idiot? No! Today’s definition of American Exceptionalism: We are unique in taking actual PRIDE in ignorance. I’ll break my one-link-per-blog rule today because it’s just too appropriate. Via Jon Chait, this story about how the Bush administration wouldn’t open an EPA email because they knew it had information in it they didn’t want to read.

I don’t know what’s the answer here. Insanity is catching. When I happen to see people on TV with these kinds of expressions on their faces, I want to close my eyes too.