Here’s a story that has a headline that sounds interesting and the story actually more or less delivers. Online news sites have gotten into the bad habit of teaser headlines that are non-affectionately known as click bait, that are apparently designed to teach you over time to avoid that site. This was a welcome exception.

The story is about one of those ways that people figure out how to do something that was previously said to be impossible until it became mandatory. In this case the impossible thing was raising chickens without dousing them with antibiotics. Of course chickens were raised without antibiotics for centuries before antibiotics were discovered, but then it became possible and suddenly nobody could conceive of any other way.

Of course it may be too late to save ourselves from anti-biotic resistance because Warnings Were Ignored, and we have apparently squandered the antibiotic revolution in a few generations to grow slightly cheaper faster meat. This will surely go down as one of, if not THE most foolish thing humans have done in all their ever-shortening history.

All that having been said, and also saying that chickens are still likely better off outside, to say nothing of uneaten, this story at least delivered a very nice bit of information about some genuine ingenuity. All of it a chicken waddle in the right direction.