We put on Google Glass and saw something scary: Technology isn’t keeping up.

Eventually, of course, the inevitable will occur. The magic spell that technology currently has mesmerized us with will dissipate and we’ll be in for a sober morning of reckoning. But not yet please! What do I mean? Well, let’s face it. We are so wasting our time and talents with the effluvia of tech. We are surfing on froth. The real tech bubble is the bubbles in the froth we surf on. But hurry, more froth, please!

Google Glass is making us nervous. Nervous because the smartest new new thing is so stupid. Maybe they’ll get it fixed, and it will save us from The Dawning Realization, and we sure hope so! The party is starting to lag, and we currently have no place else to go.

The nature of cultural obsessions is they not only have to keep delivering, and to an ever-accelerating degree. But instead now we have the the older parts of tech accumulating and seeming ancient and dull. The internet, that dazzling information superhighway, is starting to seem increasingly like a regular pavement highway, full of awful billboards and strip malls, and worst of all, the same dull people! The exciting thing about people online was they initially shimmered with sparlky digital luster, but the effect is fading. Facebook bragging turns out to be tedious in the same way as the face-to-face kind. Apps, save us! But is it possible there are only so many exciting new ways to deliver content? And is it possible we’ll be forced back to thinking about the content of what we’re doing with our lives? Hurry up tech! Deliver another quantum step forward, like implantable chips, right away! Or we may fall out of the thrall for good, and THEN WHAT?