Antarctic ice shelves collapse all the time! Sea levels rise twelve feet EVERY few centuries! Natural variability! Humans can’t control!

Calling Dr. Marco Rubio, who can tell us that Antarctic ice ISN’T melting, because he has studied the election polls! Professor scientist Dr. Rubio will insist that the ice isn’t moving, and if it IS, which he will be pretty sure it isn’t, but if it IS, then it can’t be somehow-or-other human activity. It will be natural causes, like too many penguins tobogganing on their stomachs, or are they at the NORTH pole? Polar bears tobogganing, maybe. Something.

The debate on climate in the United States is so preposterously stupid and uninformed and disingenuous that we are disqualified from being taken seriously as a civilized people. That a significant portion of our educated, wealthy elite tolerate and even encourage this debasement of discourse is past comprehension.  We are beyond shame. There is simply nothing left to say.