Karl Rove talks about head injuries and nobody asked him whether he is a victim. ‘Bush’s brain’ was so smart he engineered the greatest presidential and economic collapse in modern history, and yet there he still is, speaking the exact kind of noxious nonsense as always, tossing people some bone-headed thought, and they all run to chase and fetch. Talk about getting old! The brain damage is in our public discourse.

Should we talk about Hillary’s health? Fine, let’s! She hit her head. Is she too old? Was Reagan too old? Was W too incurious? Was Bill too needy? Was Gore too arrogant? Is Obama too arrogant? Too aloof? Too tyrannical? Too much a pushover? Take your pick! Anybody can play! Everybody does!

Policy questions? Who needs them?? You can’! have policy questions if the legislature is paralyzed! Brain paralysis? Or strategic paralysis?? Ooh wait! Strategic! Now let’s talk about strategy instead of policy! Is getting your way by fooling the electorate a BAD thing, or a GOOD thing? Discuss! No, don’t discuss. Assert! Keep a tally! Runs scored! Who’s on first? Where are we? My head hurts, I must have hit it on something.