I meant to write about this when the story came out, but I thought I’d wait to watch the shockwave of alarm spread across the land and write in its wake. Just joking. In keeping with my theory that the most important stories get the least attention, here we go again. Mass extinction this time, that’s all. The great handiwork of our great evolved brains and our great evolved economy. Yay humans!

Who are we kidding? We are a stupid mess. Proof is that we squint our little eyeballs at vasty outer space, hoping to find a critter with so much as a cell membrane, so we can get excited about life in its infinite forms. Yet here we are on earth, grinding and rubbing out thousands of complex, magnificent species, many before we ever lay eyes on them. And then we justify our interest in space by this very wantonness. “We’re going to destroy Earth, so we NEED another planet to move to!” Read that sentence and see if you can find a spot to insert the words ‘intelligent humans’.

Didn’t see the story? Wasn’t in your news ‘feed’ on your ‘smart’ phone? Didn’t know? Don’t care? Don’t know what to do? Buy a new Full Immersion Helmet and live in a virtual reality. Might as well! A beautiful, lush world where humans are intelligent and capable.