I’m not going to write about what I really want to write about today. I can’t take another Mugzie just now.

‘Mugzie,’ for those of you who don’t read EVERY SINGLE ONE of my blog posts (and shame shame shame on you) is my term  for a blank, uncomprehending stare. (Named after a little-lamented former neighbor dog). This the the look the world is giving to news that we are in the midst of causing a MASS SPECIES EXTINCTION. Oh. D’oh.

No I will merely reference that giant subject from time to time (unlike the rest of the media, who you’d think would be headlining that fact EVERY DAY. But zzz they don’t want to get a Mugzie either).

No, instead I’ll rankle a few by linking to a less important, but still important observation made recently by Jon Chait.

People write to me all the time about what a hopeless loser the current president has been and question why I continue to say the occasional good thing about him. Well Chait supplies the answer.

But the species of Obama-is-always-wrong is in no danger of disappearing.