The current GOP can’t or won’t break out of its inward turning spiral. This can’t or won’t be good for American politics.  Cantor won’t be part of the solution, not that he ever was or would have been. But even he is too ‘moderate’ now. The two obvious trajectories from here are increasing Republican irrelevance under normal circumstances or a truly scary right-wing takeover of government if the economy should stumble badly again. A healthy two-party system, both of which advocate, then compromise for the sake of the broad array of Americans doesn’t seem to on the table anymore. The table itself disappeared into the fireplace some years ago.

I would have been (and have been) tempted to scoff at the increasingly extreme nature of an American political party. I’m not so tempted anymore. Rising dangerous crazy waves are not so unusual anymore if you look around. Europe has just had a rising tide of right-wing reaction wash over its recent election. And look at Russia! And what is al Qaeda and all its offshoots but blinded fury at modern social progress? Remind me what century this is.

Modernism will only work if it works economically for a wide populace (corporate CEO’s take note). The economy has been on thin ice ever since the financial collapse. Thin ice and temperatures are rising.