Just kidding. I meant let’s Hear It FROM the Elites.

(Disclaimer: I cannot fully vouch for the contents of this blog today. We are having a rainy spell here in the nation’s capital, the purpose of which is to saturate the landscape with sufficient water to supply the steam bath known as DC Summer. But it is also waterlogging my brain. If my brain were out on the sidewalk, it would resemble a slug. Shiny, but quite slow-moving).

But back to the elites. Unlike everywhere else, elites are held in high regard around Washington, because everyone here imagines that they are one of them. But before you exclaim, ”And see what kind of government the elites have wrought!” please pause to remember that the elected part of the government are the people YOU sent here. So there! Or somewhere. I have misplaced my train of thought. Let me examine the sidewalk for the silver trail.

Ah, yes, elites. The case for the elites is that they are smarter, better-educated, and intellectually positioned above the masses to see clearer, and further, and more wisely. Stop laughing and let’s take them at their word for a minute, because frankly we need them.

Because I have here in my hand a list of problems that the ordinary political process is not well equipped to deal with, and which are BIG problems and likely to cause damage of a very permanent variety. This is a job for: Our Elites! If they want to imagine that they have earned their privileged position in society, and deserve to keep it, well, here’s the chance to step up and prove it. I’ve pared the list down to three items: Mass species extinction. Antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Climate change. Over to you, elites! Tell us you plan for these things. Us lowlies are unequipped.

Or I guess you can continue to spend all your energy protecting your money. Your choice. But you’re up there on the big stage, and we’re all watching!