What on earth has gone wrong? Lots, and more every day. Today I will try to answer a little piece of it, with a fable! A familiar one! Goldilocks! I never understood this story and I still don’t. Goldilocks breaks into the house of some bears and runs through their stuff. Too hot, too cold, too big too small. But she finds what she wants, takes it even though it’s not hers, then falls asleep. Then gets surprised and runs away. Moral?

You tell me. No, I’ll tell you. The tension of the story comes from breaking and entering, theft, and the fear of discovery. Not much of a moral there. In fact there is no moral, unless you think about the hidden one.

It’s the “too”. Everybody gets the ‘too hot’ and the ‘too cold’. But what is this ‘too soft’? imagining ‘too soft’ is hard, so to speak.

Whatever. The point is the ‘too’ that brackets each spectrum of qualities. That’s the lesson. And mine today. What are we missing in these times today that we live in here and now? I’ll tell you! I don’t want to make you wait ‘too long.’

“TOO MUCH!” that’s what we’re missing. We are living in a social environment in which the idea of ‘too much’ has all but vanished. Why is wealth distribution skewing so uncontrollably? Because those few who are blessed, or cursed, by finding themselves in the top 1% simply cannot stop themselves. Because there is no such upper bound as ‘too much.’ Whatever they have cannot possibly be enough, because somebody else has more, or might tomorrow.

If they had a thought, or a feeling, or noticed that there was a social norm called ‘too much,’ things would be different. We have far too little ‘too much.’

Suffice it to say.