The job market has been slow to recover. And if present trends continue, it will never recover fully. But present trends never continue forever. But we have learned one thing.

No, of course we haven’t learned one thing, we never learn anything, except that what we used to think is now wrong. Okay, I have introduced a genuine jumble of thoughts here, and there is only one recourse when I get myself into this spot. Deploy The Phrase. Which phrase? This one:


There is a job that needs to be done. We are not only adrift economically, but also psychologically. We lack a national organizing principle. The last one was Leave It to Beaver, and that was a very long time ago. Where have you gone, Hugh Beaumont? Now we are trapped in the new economy where lots of people are under-employed, and a significantly large number are over-employed, working ridiculous hours in pursuit of…what? What are we trying to do here?

Let’s face it, the allure of buying stuff, which of course will never go away, is not what it used to be. The studies that show that New Stuff only makes you happy for a little while are well known, and we all feel it.

And ALSO the robots are coming to do all the work anyway. So now what? Help wanted on this. Answering this question is another job without a paycheck. Think of it as an internship. Learning how to define the 21st century. Learn by thinking!

You know my answer already. New Arcadia. And while you’re thinking of yours we can pass the time by getting the carbon problem under control.