Within this crystalline sphere of my Blog, (which to all appearances has very few points of contact with anything outside of it), I have a certain amount of freedom. Freedom to entertain some odd ideas about things, and freedom to occasionally veer back and forth on a subject as the mood strikes me.
Today will be one of those days. Let’s go back through the cobwebs and fog of time to the beginning of this argument with myself. There he was. The new pope. Saying surprising and welcome things! And then, in an unguarded burst of hopefulness after listening to some of these early statements, I made a bold and sweeping prediction. This prediction may still turn out to be right, someday, ONE NEVER KNOWS about the future, but today I have to say it looks like I would have been better off predicting that gravity would switch to upwards. So today I will yell at myself. I will get to the prediction, bear with me!
The world has been in the grip of a strange fever of fundamentalist fervor for quite some time. It has seemed all to me to be a reaction against These Modern Times of Ours. But a fever nonetheless. And those tend to break eventually. Enter the POPE! “WHO AM I TO JUDGE?”!!!!! Sunrise and trumpets! A new day dawns! So, Tom, why don’t you extrapolate from that mere wisp of straw to make the sweeping prediction of the century? OKAY! I did! I predicted that the end of fundamentalism was at hand! Amen!
Or rather, Ahem.
And how is that hopey changey thing working out for me? Don’t ask. You don’t need to. Today the world seems to be splitting into angry atoms in a spreading paroxysm of any and every kind of intolerant fundamentalist fury you can think of, and some new ones appearing daily like red bubbles in a lava flow.
Today it looks not like the fever is breaking. Today it looks like that fever is catching.