Or maybe just Too Good. I’m tempted to say vacation is better than working in every way, but that might make me sound like a taker and not a maker. But it was very nice. Maybe the day will come that I think that that was enough vacation now, I can’t wait to get back to work, but I doubt it. It never happened at the end of summer when I was a kid, I can tell you.

But Americans work just crazy stupid amounts of time. All the comparisons say so and the research says so too. People perform better with more time off, but we are trapped on the treadmill and the only option is more, and faster. There will be a lot of deathbed regrets over this, but the answer then will be “Too late!”

I was hardly idle. I don’t know why anyone thinks of time off as synonymous with idleness. There are just a billion interesting and useful things to do. I’m pretty fortunate in that my work is interesting too, but wow was it nice to have a little break. But I’m back.

Slide over on the bench and I’ll grab my part of the oar.