Walking a mile in somebody else’s shoes is one of those expressions that people understand but only sort of. It’s like the expression “in his wheelhouse.” I’ve asked around and nobody knows what a wheelhouse is or what’s in one. People say it anyway.

It’s like walking a mile in somebody else’s shoes. Everybody knows what it means but they’ve never done it. People rarely borrow somebody else’s shoes and when they do they discover they don’t fit. The last thing they would do would be to walk a mile in them because people think a mile way way too far to walk, period. But that is changing!

DC was just rated America’s most walkable city, in one of those lists that aren’t provable, but that doesn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that the category exists. It didn’t used to. Walking had been an unfortunate victim of an auto accident. The accident being that America decided to throw walking under an SUV. Might have been deliberate.

I also read recently that it may not be calories that are the root of Americans’ out-of-shapeness so much as insufficient physical activity. But things are changing. You can see it everywhere. Walking is back. Everybody wants a walkable community.  Dogs are regularly now seen taking their owners out for a walk.

Walking is the cure for most of what is wrong. In neighborhoods, in physical health, in mental health. Feeling short of time? Try the path less traveled, the scenic route: walking. It may take you just longer enough to reset your priorities.