I don’t know if you saw the movie The Aristocrats or know the joke (you can Wikipedia it) but who knew it would come true?

We are currently engaged in all manner of activities designed to eliminate our former ideas of equality in the US (does anyone even remember when we considered ourselves a nation of equals?) and the punchline is “We’re an Aristocracy!”  Who ever would have guessed?

Robert Reich, bearer of the Cassandra curse of foresight and simultaneously never being listened to, lays out yet the latest chapter of the US turning into a different kind of country. Apparently, the 1% not only won the money, but they won the argument too, as concern, let alone outrage, about vast wealth inequality is as hard to find as a well-paying job. There are fun facts like this:  “For example, family trusts used to be limited to about 90 years. Legal changes implemented under Ronald Reagan extended them in perpetuity. So-called “dynasty trusts” now allow super-rich families to pass on to their heirs money and property largely free from taxes, and to do so for generations.” Oh well!

Oh well indeed. I guess it doesn’t seem like ‘a problem’ to us. We can pass this indifference to our children TAX FREE, and they can enjoy the results! For generations!