Everything else has ended, at least for a fashionable moment or two, so why not testosterone?

Enter Twee.  I don’t know if this next next thing with be as big as hipsterism (Is that big? Is it over yet? Did anyone ever admit to being one? Did it even happen? Yes to that last, in Brooklyn anyway). But here now is Twee, shiny and newish, in an article that I read it and enjoyed. And so now it is a thing, for me, for today.

I think we have learned a few things about trends such a Tweeery. These things come along. You can’t predict them. Criticizing or disapproving doesn’t make them go away. They no longer even notice disapproval. They run their course, and then go away on their own. They are not important in the grand scheme of culture. But since we don’t really have an ACTUAL culture, they are as important as anything else. Ephemera R Us.

But this one seems especially odd. Delicate. Wistful. Twee is a good word for it. But it’s about as opposite of traditional male bravado as you can imagine, unless your imagination is better than mine. Maybe all the plastic bits in our water is doing this. Something to think about, if a thing as soap-bubble-like as Twee will endure long enough for you to get to it.