Does anybody believe anything they say? Does anyone act for the reasons they give? Do we ever have our facts straight? Does anyone care?

If you haven’t already settled on a life philosophy that answers all these questions with ‘no’, here’s a story to chew on.

The one thing I always had to hand Cheney was his gift of sounding like a sober, wise statesman. You know the George Burns quote about the ability to fake sincerity. Cheney has it made. The illuminating thing about this quote, other than its substance, of course, is that it is so easy to hear Cheney delivering it with the exact same level of assured gravitas as he delivered the opposite message a few years later.

And BUSH signing the cut-and-run policy on Iraq? It’s just another factette for the chattering class to chatter their way around. Who’s up, who’s down, and who’s catching the blame is all we care to talk about.

Oceania is allied with Eurasia today, and always have been. The rest is dumpster-diving in the Memory Hole.