I want to beat a dead horse today, or maybe a dead dodo. The mainstream media is suddenly waking up to the fact that we’re killing off nature. That must mean that it’s just about too late.

Why can’t we notice anything until it’s too late? Have we been distracted by the recession? Maybe! But before the recession we were distracted by terrorism, and before that the good times. And before that inflation, and whatever and whatever. Now it’s our devices. We look and we look, everywhere but up. Distracted driving. Driving every other species to extinction.

I linked last week to a small ecosystem restoration. Nice! And yesterday to missing animals. Today, a unique, priceless ecosystem slipping away.

I’d like to say it is intolerable, and would, except we tolerate it. I’ll settle for the word damning. How do you listen to praise of human capacities when we sit in stupefying passivity as the precious things of the natural world crumble in our hands and blow away forever? Heaven help any ecosystems we find in space. We will obliterate them faster than a dog can strew the contents of a garbage can.

Madagascar is yet another canary in the coal mine. We do love our delicious canary breakfast.