Here’s the contradiction. Everybody says they are for education. And everybody says it can’t all happen in school. Education starts at home!

Okay then! We have a plan! You can’t expect the kids to study their little brains out if the message outside of school is not one of learning! And so!

And so what? And so the real message we send our kids is that there ACTUALLY IS NO Culture of Learning after school. What everything tells them is that when they graduate it’s all about Earning and Consuming. A culture of Shopping and Entertainment. A culture of Online Distraction and Selfing.

It’s what we like. So we have a glaring conflict between what we like for ourselves and what we say we want for our kids. Culture of learning? Bah! And is consistent messaging at home even enough if it exists as an isolated island in a sea of frivolity? It sometimes does take a village. What kind have we made?

Parenting 101 says it’s not what we tell our kids, it’s what they see us doing. Is we learning yet?