This is great news that is sliding in under the radar. I could record it here as great news, or I could hedge my bets and report it as hopeful and conditional. But today I will do neither of those things. Today is a Friday and we are in Rant Format.

So today I will describe this news as a rebuke and comeuppance to the army of annoying anti-environmental naysayers that have been nothing but obstacles and foot-draggers in the way of getting to a clean-energy future. You know who you are. You are the ones who not only saw the technical obstacles in energy alternatives, but went further to actively delight in these difficulties and gleefully predict they could never be overcome.

I remember all the scoffing. I remember a cartoon done by a friend of mine about a ‘solar-powered nightlight’ which he evidently thought was some kind of a hoot because the sun only shines in the daytime. Ha-ha! I look out my window and see these things in my garden. It went on and on. Solar is only a tiny fraction…, it can never…, impractical…, too hard…, too whatever.

The traditional American can-do spirit somehow went on vacation during discussions of alternative energy, and turned into ‘can’t-do’. No, it turned into ‘won’t-do.’ It went beyond skepticism and all the way into sneering hostility. Why? Because we fell in love with The Way We Were Already Doing It. With fossil fuels. Even after the damage from them became manifest. And then catastrophic.

Well, a brighter future arrived anyway.