Back to New Arcadia, or rather forward to it. New Arcadia is the name of my rather utopian-sounding idea for the 21st Century, We’re 14 ½ years into this century already, and don’t have much to show for it yet.
But despite the fact that the public has declined thus far to take up the subject for debate and action, time and the forces of history are on my side. The demands for work are shifting inexorably under the relentless and inevitable advance of smart robotics, and we will either adjust to that by creating a beneficial society or a miserable one. Our choice!
Anyway, here’s a related proposal, from a somewhat odd source, that at least starts talking about these changes in a forward-looking way. A way to give us back time for pleasurable enterprises. Time for “dreaming up new projects and tinkering.” Tinkering! Yes! Is there a sweeter word or a more delightful way to spend time? There is not. But New Arcadia will go far beyond this! It is a whole new way of living life, the one humans have been dreaming of before there were resources enough to achieve it for everyone. Included: a resurrection of locally-based participatory arts, restored ecosystems, and built-environment beauty!
I invite you all to begin tinkering with that.