I can’t tell from reading this how significant this is. In terms of damage done and yet to be done, no so very much, I’m guessing. But the mind lingers on the words “no longer.” You will no longer abet the biggest lie about the largest damage humans have ever done to their very own home planet. Oh. What were you doing BEFORE this, exactly?

I’m feeling jet-lagged today, even though the flight was  three days ago and all in the same time-zone, but even so, weariness afflicts my news-reaction. Somebody somewhere has lost interest in spreading catastrophic lies. And just in time to be too late.

One thing I wish for that of course will never happen is that someone compiles a list of everyone who used their minds and positions to thwart timely action to prevent the climate damage that we have inflicted and continue to. History rarely judges correctly, but still I would like these people to face the possibility of permanent accountability. A little shaming for the wantonly shameless.