You know, we’re not even trying. Life is hard and full of difficult problems, but sometimes some of us don’t even want to solve them. Sometimes we’d rather be stupid goofballs.

Want an example? You can bet I have one with a lead-in like that. And here you go.  Amongst the endless litany of wailing and obfuscation and distraction and dissembling and ground-shifting that has been the sorry history of climate-change deniers is their lament that there are no viable alternatives to fossil fuels.

“Oh WOULD ONLY that there were anything we could do! But alas, fossil is our fate,” opine the would-love-to-help-but-nothing-can-be-done crowd.

And then you read this and just grind your teeth away. And you think that these are often the same ‘conservative’ people that currently pretend to revere the wisdom of the founders. Conservative! No longer means conserve. And Wisdom! No longer means anything. There’s the missing element. When did wisdom die out of our national character, anyway? Do we think that all the wisdom available to mankind went into one document and then we didn’t need any more? That would make the Constitution nothing but a fossil. A fossil fuel! It all makes sense now!