I’m going to break my one-link-per blog post rule today. It’s an arbitrary rule and I made it so I can break it and there is nothing you can do about it.

Here’s a little story about robots which can work together. They are very primitive, but that is part of the point. They are individually dumb but together are kind of smart. It’s actually not all that impressive as contemporary robotics goes, but it’s another small step and suits my need today for a little message about humans.

My LARGER message about robots is that they will soon be doing a vast amount of human work, pushing humans into an entirely new place in the economy. This can be good or bad, depending how we choose to shape it. My own recommended shape of course is New Arcadia.

If you have been reading my forecasts about robots you do not need to click this second link. But if you have been a scoffer about the coming robot revolution, maybe you need to check it out.

But I want to go a different direction here today. Given the state of global and domestic unrest, and our near incapacity to get a grip on our passions or a solution, I refer you back to the cooperating robots. Maybe they will be better at world peace than us too.