The question is WHICH dog barks before the earthquake. Dogs are barking all the time. At cars, at ants, at the sun. Which is the Official Earthquake Dog??

Same problem with warnings about impending financial crises. Warnings come and go. Most are wrong, the right ones are few and lost in the howlstorm. Until now!

This is one of those rare times when someone proffers a foolproof warning system, and can explain it COMPLETELY in EXACTLY ONE MINUTE! This is a great video for many reasons, but the achievement I outlined above is unparalleled. And maybe even correct! (The explanation is between 2:10 and 3:10).

If you ACT NOW you will get the ADDED BONUS of reasons to help borrowers rather than bankers! AND a completely specific Policy Recommendation! AND lots of big new stuff to worry about! And all in a theory that is refreshingly disprovable by future developments!

No purchase necessary!