Maybe we can afford two more years of gridlock. Maybe we can indulge ourselves in gridlock forever.

As the world falls apart piece by piece, as the halting progress of humanity stalls and yields to frustration and impatience and hatred, let’s have that national conversation. The national conversation of how to strangle ourselves.

It’s possible that the teaparty is right, and that the post-FDR national project of an active government is the end of us all. But it’s time to decide. Because the goal of those who believe government truly is our enemy is to destroy it. Now. And they’re at it. It’s drown the beast in the bathtub time, baby, and drowning isn’t open to compromise.

I know, you only get one vote, and so you are not responsible. Somehow nobody is responsible that we can’t have a functioning government. And maybe two more years of this is just what we want and deserve. Maybe we have this time to waste. Maybe.