So Ben Bernanke is going to start blogging. Woot. Are you excited too? Didn’t think so.

Neil Irwin has some advice for the Bernanck. Kind of obvious advice, on topics. Is growing income inequality important? Answer: Only to the degree that actual human beings and democracy are important, and they aren’t anymore. Only rich people and their interests are important now.

Robots? You don’t need Bernanke to tell you about robots. I tell you about robots. Answer: They are going to take your job and money and you will be out of luck unless you start supporting a new economic model now before it’s too late.

Secular Stagnation? See Income Inequality. The Fed? See GOP politicization of everything. Baseball? There is nothing important to say about baseball, other than there should be more hits.

Bernanke will solve nothing by blogging. Who has? I surely haven’t. If Bernanke wants to weigh in on income inequality, which is COMPLETELY important, he should stand up and say it in a larger forum. He has access to those.

And in English, not Greenspanish. A Bernanke blog will just be more background hum as we sleepwalk our way into our already manifest dystopian future.